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Megatrends in 1.37M+ Topics Globally identified using AI

4521 new topics screened in June ’24


Trends & Emerging Technologies covered

51+ detected in June ’24


High-Growth Companies shaping these Trends

28K+ added in June ’24

Trend Discovery & Market Intelligence

✓ 20 000+ Trends & Technologies
✓ 4M+ High-Growth Companies
✓ Trend Intelligence Graph
✓ Recommendation System

Trend Clustering & Deep Dive

✓ 200+ Megatrends
✓ Trend Collection
✓ Trend Categorization

Trend Analysis & Comparison

✓ 28 Core Trend Signal Metrics
✓ Trend Scouting & Landscaping
✓ Technology Landscaping
✓ Startup Identification
✓ Competitor Landscaping

Custom Trend Visualization

✓ Export Trends
✓ Export Companies
✓ Create & Export Comparison
✓ Create & Export Visualization

Instant Trend Discovery & Intelligence

Get unparalleled data-driven insights from TrendFeedr’s proprietary Trend Intelligence Graph covering 200+ mega-trends and 20 000+ emerging trends globally. AI-powered trend analysis and best-in-class data ensure you discover opportunities before anyone else.

Easily Cluster & Analyze Trends

Explore 200 Trend Topic Clusters on megatrends, key industries, emerging technologies, and over 4 million connected companies. Manage them with ease – no more cluttered lists; always stay on top of what’s important to your business.

Trend Analysis Made Simple

Confidently act & swiftly decide on current and future industry, market, and technology trends. Whether it’s size, maturity, growth, revenue, funding, news coverage, or hype indicator, each Trend and Trend Cluster can be analyzed and compared to over 28 key metrics.

Evaluate Trends over Time

Pinpoint the developments of 20 000+ trends and analyze them with our powerful trend-scoping capabilities. TrendFeedr’s state-of-the-art tools give you the edge you need to track trends and navigate today’s dynamic markets.

Confidently Act on Future Trends

Unlock everything you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world. Streamline your workflow and leverage the full potential of emerging trends through personalized visualization and exportable lists.

Gather Data

Our advanced technology uses real-time data from 457M+ verified sources to uncover future trends in emerging technologies, startups, scaleups, business models, and beyond. We scour millions of data points to provide you with the insights you need to get ahead of the curve.

Identify Trends

Discover global mega and tech trends before they take off with TrendFeedr’s AI-powered algorithms. Our automated analysis and best-in-class data currently cover 200+ megatrends and 20 000+ emerging trends.

Track Development

Get the latest industry reports with our daily updates on trends, technologies, and companies, ensuring you always have accurate and timely information at your fingertips.

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TrendFeedr is the ultimate trend intelligence tool for companies looking to get ahead of the curve.

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